Unlitro compie 10 anni

Unlitro compie 10 anni

It is hard to believe that it has been already 10 years since that first harvest in 2011 that somehow made Ampeleia enter a new, unexpected chapter.

In that year Ampeleia felt the need of a change, a breath of fresh air.

We were eager to have a wine that could speak to many people, a wine that would be honest, direct, fun, easy but not ordinary.

We wanted a wine that could talk about our values, origins, inspirations and way of farming.

We felt the need to go back to the farmer roots of Maremma, without losing our young, modern soul.

That is why bottling a great, natural, fun wine in the traditional green glass bottle seemed like the perfect combination. A bottle that would be ideal for sharing and enjoying the light and meaningful moments of life.

At that time, selling a wine in one-liter bottle hadn't been heard much around yet and initially felt like a huge challenge. But, thankfully, being brave always paid us back.

Unlitro first production was 15.000 bottles and it was sold out in 5 months.

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